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Our organisation is based on the belief that our readers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our interest and links are from repeat visitors and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, and deliver you the most innovative and best service in the movement.
Mayday magazine
Is the critical innovative magazine for independent & autonomous working class history & politics; economics, philosophy, sociology, globalisation, labour movement, labour process and more.
WE organise; Politics, actions, publishing, bookfairs, bookstalls, meetings, conferences, events and lots more.
In short, the propaganda, action, achievement, and reflection that is necessary to build @ New Left for the rest of the 21st century.
We welcome news and analysis of attempts to organise at work,
especially in new areas involving;
the black market, temporary contracts, youth,
migrants, students, training, resistance
to New Deal and Benefit changes, gangmasters and
employment agencies, the sex industry and other areas.
We organise within the labour movement and beyond it - 2009 is the 25th anniversary of the Miners Strike.
The Working Class Bookfair is organised in Durham every year. Normally in the autumn, in November.
The 3rd Working Class bookfair was organised in North Shields at the Linskill centre, Linskill road, on March 14th 2009, and the 4th Working Class Bookfair was in Sunderland on June 13th.
The Working class bookfair was in Newcastle at a Mining & Labour movement event on March 6th 2010.
Call 07931301901 for a stall, leaflets, or further information. We organise events and also have a stall we will take to other events. In 2009 we attended the South Yorkshire Workers festival on July 4th & the Durham Miners Gala, on July 11th and others.
In 2010 we will be @ similar events, The Durham Miners Gala, on July 10th.
Mayday magazine issue 1 (Nov '07) & 2 (May '08) are available now, £3 per copy inc. postage.
Mayday Issue 1 contains;
Introduction - Open letter to the movement
Autonomous Anti Fascism
Victory to the Wreckers (about wrecking and the wreck on a Devon beach)
The Tribe of Wombles - politics and economics
Polemic: Reading Autonomist Marxism Politically.
1967-2007 A Socialist Review by Dave Douglass
Kick a girl when she's down - Ian Bone on Jade Goody
Mayday issue 2 contains;
Notes on the situation facing us.
Beyond theory and practice: Towards Praxis.
May 1968 French Uprisings
Anti fascism, The BNP and the local elections
Book review: Naomi Kleins 'Shock Doctrine'.
Response to Platypus.
Solidarity - the fascist trade union/
Pay by Paypal;  dr_trevorbark [AT]
Or for a single copy send 8 1st class stamps, for a 3 issue subscription send 20 1st class stamps, and for a supporting subscription send money or postal orders to;
18 Walker Drive ,Bishop Auckland,
Co. Durham , DL14 6QW.
We also welcome thinking magazine swaps and review copies, - books, Dvds Cd's etc.
18 Walker Drive
Bishop Auckland
County Durham
DL14 6QW
Issue 3 was published in Spring 2009, issue 4 Autumn 2009.
A small magazine is heavily reliant upon goodwill, including free writing, advertising, design and other work.
If one person is knocked out then it disproportionately affects organisational performance and we wouldn't want that... 
If you support a vibrant and independent movement then support the authentically independent manifestations there are, not only Mayday magazine, although we will welcome your help.
24/7 - its a globalised world don'tcha know.
Issue 1 of Mayday magazine has been put on line here for free, although the hard copy is attractively priced and also more aesthetically pleasing than a computer printout;
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