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MAYDAY issue 7
Launched at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2012, 44 pages, A5 and A4 sizes available.
Page 1 - Editorial Introduction - an expanded contents and political review, including;  Rioting - a fine british tradition, Stoking the Bonfires of class hatred, Riot heaven/Olympic hell, and rebuilding the Working Class movement
page 15 - Clegg Cable Camoron Cun -Tory bastards
page 17 - The political economy of punishment - The prison, the Charity shop, Job centre 'training' racism, migrants & welfare
page 23- Is our cart in front of the horse? Paul Baker (Tyne and Wear left Unity)on the state of the left and attempts to improve what we do
page 26 - Guy Aldred: Theorising revolutionary Action - Ruth Kinna
page 29 - Remembering the past - The Last Words of Salvador Allende
page 32 - An Anarchist Argument for Left Unity by Mal Content
page 37 - The Empress has No Clothes - North East Anarchists on the state of the Anarchist Movement
Page 39 - March 26 [2011] - The Emergence of a new Radical Subjectivity by Alession Lunghi and Seth Wheeler.
MAYDAY issue 6
Launched at the Anarchist Bookfair
MAYDAY issue 5
Launched at the July 2010 Durham Miners Gala
Red Anarchism
Notes on the situation facing us - class struggle today
Tolpuddle & Swing - why, when Swing was far larger does it get dominated by the events of Tolpuddle? by Roger, Bristol Radical history Group
Revolutionary Unionism: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by Dan jackopovich
The Way to win by Tom Mann, an open letter to trade unionists on the method of industrial organisation
Issue 4 launched for October 2009
Red Anarchism, Introduction
Why we are going on strike by Brian the postal worker
POPTART - public order policing, the anarchists retaliate - policing the miners strike
Pick up a brick & throw it at a cop: Beyond the anarchist/Marxist divide by Jacob Bauthumley
Only the realists are out of touch with humanity - Marxist Humanism, E. P. Thompson,  & Popular Front Anti Fascism
Issue 3
Summer 2009 
for Mayday 2009
Contents; Police violence and its history, the origins of the police and their 2 faced nature, analysis of the Credit Crunch, the global economic meltdown and what it means, John Bowden on the nature of prison, prisoners, solidarity and class struggle behind bars. The editorial introduction covers different struggles and their possibilities, the state of the movement and the way forward. 44 pages inc. cover.
For your copy see the contact or the about us pages.
Cl@ss War Classix is a new initiative to reproduce seminal publications of the class war.
The first in the series was the Introduction to the 1970s political group “Big Flame”, Big Flame were a libertarian Marxist political party in the United Kingdom. They were founded in Liverpool in 1970 and at first grew rapidly in the prevailing climate on the left.  £1
The Second - the 1924 presidential address to the Independent Labour Party conference £1, or 4 for £2
The 1924 Presidential address to the Independent Labour Party conference has been republished to make it easily available again. This event, still in living memory just, is interesting for a number of reasons; the freshness of the growth within working class politics, the political decision making and assesment, the independence of thought which the movement had and so on.
Number 3, “An History of Economic Relationships with Crime” was published in 2009. £1
Number 4, the Class War ‘Poll Tax Special’20th anniversary was published in February 2010, & can be ordered from this address for £1 each inc. P & P, 4 for £2
Number 5 - the Anti Fascist Special edition, a 40 page compilation pamphlet published in Feb 2010. £1 or 4 for £2.
£1   Spring 2010   ISSN 2042-048X
Introduction; "Why Anti Fascism, why autonomous, why now?"
1) “Popular Front Anti Fascism”
2) “Autonomous Anti Fascism: Towards Praxis”
3) “BRITISH FASCISM PAST AND PRESENT” by Andy Newman and was published on the Socialist Unity website in February 2010.
Issue 6 - The Workers Committee by J.T.  Murphy, Sheffield Workers Committee, 1917, with a NEW introduction by Dr. Trevor Bark, published summer 2010, £1 each, 4 for £2.
Issue 8 - So, you're out of a job, the 1933 IWW pamphlet.
Payment details here - pay by paypal;
  dr_trevorbark  [AT]
So here is another classic from working class history, a Cl@ss War Classic, enjoy.
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Contact Cl@ss War Classix at to order or to suggest publications to reproduce.
 Cl@ss War Classix can usually be found at events promoted on this website;
Saturday 20 June, 11 am - 6 pm
Ruskin College, Walton Street, Oxford
We cordially invite you to visit the 1st ever OXFORD WORKING CLASS BOOKFAIR! There will be books, talks, workshops, short films and more books and magazines . . .
We plan to recover/reclaim some of the hidden history of Oxford, with its gallery of rogues, rebels and revolutionaries, to touch upon some topics of contemporary relevance to the man & woman on the street today, provide quality entertainment, discuss the big issues past and present & hopefully have a real good time to boot! - All in a relaxed and warm atmosphere!
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